Trustees for Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust for Malawi

Malawian Charitable Trust registered in 2010 (number: TR/ INC 4820)


Mr Robert Kafakoma - Chairman

Robert Kafakoma has a PhD in Business Administration, Postgraduate Diploma in NGO Management, Master’s Degree in Forestry and Its Relation to Land Used. He also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture and Diploma in Agriculture from Bunda College of Agriculture currently the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and natural Resources (LUANAR). He has a post graduate diploma in Accounting and Finance from the Malawi College of Accountancy and various other certificates related to project management; results based management; gender analysis and rural energy planning; environmental impact assessment; Environmental Policy Analysis; Land Administration and Management.

Robert has over 27 years’ experience working in water, hygiene and sanitation, environmental and natural resource management and land administration and governance, policy analysis, project management and has been working for Training Support for Partners (TSP) for the past 18 years. In addition, he has served on the boards of various national and regional committees and tasks forces, including chairing a number of them: current accountabilities include Board Chairman for the Shire Basin Environmental Support Trust, Board member of the National Environmental Protection Authority (NEPA), Chairman for the Malawi College of Forestry and Wildlife College Advisory Committee.

Dr Kafakoma has authored and co-authored various publications relating to food security, land refrom, environment and natural resource management as well as carried out various environmental impact assessments for major projects in the country and the region. 


Ms Rose Bell

Rose Bell has a Bsc in Agriculture obtained from the University of Malawi and an Msc in Forestry and its Relation to Land Use obtained from the University of Oxford, Linacre College. She has worked for International Centre For Research in Agroforestry where she was involved in on farm research with various Agroforestry technologies. She then worked as a Coordinator for an EU funded project which was involved in soil and water conservation, agroforestry, crop diverisification and water and Sanitation. Thereafter has worked as Forestry and Irrigation Manager for Eu Funded Public works Program, Task Manager Foresty for EU funded Income Generation Public works Program and is currently working as Small Scale Irrigation Infrastructure Manager for the Rural Infrastructure Development Programme another EU funded project. She is a member of the technical Committee of the Presidential Initiative for Tree Planting and Management.


Mr Daulos D.C. Mauambeta

Daulos Mauambeta has a Diploma in Education (Sciences) and an undergraduate degree in Education (Sciences) from Chancellor College, University of Malawi, a Master’s Degree in Forestry and its Relation to Land Use from Linacre College/ Oxford University where he was the first Norman & Ivy Lloyd Scholar. He also held a Hubert Humphrey Fellowship at the University of Washington based in Seattle, United States of America. He holds several professional certificates from various Universities and Professional Institutions across the world. Daulos has spent most of his career with the Wildlife and Environmental Society

of Malawi (WESM) where he was the Executive Director from 1997 to March 2011. Before that, he served in various senior positions in WESM and Government Departments. He is now co-founder and Managing Partner of EnviroConsult Services Limited, an environmental and development consulting firm.

His other responsibilities included Chairmanship of the Government of Malawi’s Fisheries Advisory Board, the NGO Coalition on the Environment and Malawi Management Oriented Monitoring Systems Group and the Coordination Union for Rehabilitation of the Environment (CURE) and member to many Boards.

He is currently a Trustee of several charitable organisations including Chiuzira Education and Development Centre which he founded in 2000 and looks after the welfare of orphaned children; and Malawi Environmental Endowment Trust which donates money to local organizations doing environmental work in Malawi.

He brings great experience to TEST for MALAWI having served for several years as Honorary Country Representative of the Dutch based Stitching J'Africa Foundation which provides financial support to over 100 bright but needy students for tertiary education in Malawi. He has strong interests in education, environment, water and sanitation, health and working with and supporting children impacted by the HIV & AIDS pandemic. He is also providing financial support to needy students at some colleges in Malawi in additional to his own children and relatives.

Away from work, Daulos spends time at a family business, Green Gold Enterprises which specializes in farming, the sale of farm produce and transportation services. His leisure time is spent through photography, reading, travelling and visiting places of interests and collecting international flags.


Dr Address Malata (PhD)

Address is a Nurse/Midwife and is the Principal of Kamuzu College of Nursing at the University of Malawi. Following completion of a Bachelor in Science in Nursing at the University of Malawi she continued her studies at the Edith Cowan University, Australia where she was awarded a Master of Science in Nursing and subsequently a Doctor of Philosophy in Reproductive Health.

Address is currently the President of the Association of Malawian Midwives and a Board Member of the following organisations: Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi, the University of Malawi Council, the International Confederation of Midwives, the Prevention of Maternal Deaths in Malawi, and the Parental and Child Health Initiative in Malawi. Currently Address leads three research projects on Quality of Maternal Health Care, Maternal Mortality Reduction in Malawi, and Sustainable Community Based Health Care in Malawi.

Address is married to Stewart Malata and is blessed with three daughters.


Mr Tarsizius Nampota(PhD)

Tarsizius has an undergraduate degree in Public Administration from the University of Malawi, a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Botswana, a Certificate in Business Accounting from Bristol in the UK and a Certificate in Higher Education Management from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa,

After his graduation in August, 1985 Tarsizius worked briefly with Manica (Malawi) Ltd and later in March 1990 joined the University of Malawi. He has served the University of Malawi as Admissions Officer, Assistant Registrar, Registrar of Chancellor College and now Deputy University Registrar. Tarsizius is also the Board Chairman of the University of Malawi Medical Scheme. He has also served as Board Member and Vice-Chairman of Blantyre Water Board.

During his free time Tarsizius enjoys watching soccer as well as participating in charity works that help his community. Presently he is the President of the Lions Club of Zomba.

Tarsizius is happily married to Dorothy and blessed with two children Nginache and Pempho.