Participating Universities

TEST for MALAWI scholarships are available for study at all Malawian public Universities. Private Universities are specifically excluded.

TEST for MALAWI scholarships are available for studies in all subjects which the local Trustees deem to be appropriate for future national socio-economic development of their country. The only subjects which are specifically excluded from support are Politics and Religion.

therOur Work - Malawi


The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust (TEST) for MALAWI, a Malawian Charitable Trust registered in 2010 (number: TR/ INC 4820), was formed by a group of graduates from Linacre College, Oxford University and is a constituent member of the UK Charity, TEST for AFRICA’s family and is managed by Trustees in Malawi.  The Trust is a constituent member of the UK Charity, TEST for AFRICA's family and its objectives and approach are aligned with those of TEST for Africa (see overview).


There are currently 59 students sponsored by TEST for Malawi, with some great case studies at 'Our Scholars'.  In 2018/19 there were 25 TEST scholars in Malawi who completed their courses and graduated.  


TEST scholars are provided with a mentor on campus to provide support and take a keen interest in the academic progress of the student.  After graduation, scholars are linked with businesses to help them excel both academically and professionally.   All scholars agree to work in Malawi for at least 5 years after graduation, which helps with the social and economic development of Malawi.



Fields of Study

Medicine, Nursing, Optometry, Dentistry and Pharmacy

Agricultural Sciences and Engineering

Mining and Petroleum Engineering

Geological/Earth Sciences

Civil, Mechanical, Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Computer Science

Biological, Biomedical sciences, Chemistry and Physics


Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Arts and Humanities (specifically Social Science, African Studies and African Crafts)

Economics and Business Studies (including Accountancy and Marketing)

Hotel Management

Construction, Architecture, Surveying and Planning

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Bunda College Students with the Director of Students and TEST for Malawi  Chairman and Dr. Franziska Meinck –Trustee, TEST for Africa